Breithlá Sona Duit! Happy Birthday to You!

There are two equally good ways to say “Happy Birthday!” in Irish:

Two ways to say “May you live to be 100!”

Other useful expressions:

The Happy Birthday Song in Irish

Here it's sung to Séamas. Just replace “a Shéamais” with your friend's name and belt it out, preferably in a public place. “Go raibh tú sona inniu” (guh REHV too SO-nuh in-YOO) literally means “May you be happy today”.

Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona inniu,
Go raibh tú sona, a Shéamais,
Go raibh tú sona inniu!

And some proverbs:

Fiche bliain ag fás.
Fiche bliain faoi bhláth.
Fiche bliain ag cromadh.
Fiche bliain gur cuma ann nó as.
Twenty years growing.
Twenty years in bloom.
Twenty years declining.
Twenty years when it doesn't matter whether you're there or not.
Tá onóir ag an aois agus uaisle ag an óige. Age has honour and youth has nobility.
2009-08-03 CPD