Focal an Lae #5
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: maith (MAHH) [Note: “th” in Irish is pronounced “h”]

Meaning: maith = good

Usage: Adjectives follow the noun in Irish, and adjectives following a feminine noun are subject to mutation:

Maith is also a noun, meaning “the good, what is good”, for example, in the common phrase for “thank you”:

History: Maith descends from the Indo-European root *ma- (good), via the Common Celtic *mati-. The earliest evidence we have for this word is on the Coligny Calendar, a bronze plaque of Gaulish provenance, where the auspicious months are marked “MAT”. Modern Breton “mat” (good) is a cognate. A distant cognate is “mature”.

2008-06-19 CPD