Focal an Lae #17
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: uasal (OO-uh-suhl)

Meaning: uasal = noble

Usage: Uasal is both an adjective and a noun:

History: Old Irish “úasal” can be derived from a reconstructed Common Celtic *(o)uxs-elo-s. The earliest attested form of this word is the Gaulish “uxellos”, as in Uxello-dunum (High Fort), a placename which has survived as Issoudun, Exoudun, etc. Modern Celtic cognates include Welsh “uchel” and Breton “uhel”, both meaning “high”. The Indo-European root *upo- (over, etc.) is the ultimate source. English cognates include “up” and “above”.

Scottish Gaelic: uasal (OO-uh-suhl)

2008-06-19 CPD