Focal an Lae #59
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: mac (MAHK)

Meaning: mac = son


History: Old Irish “macc” comes from Archaic Irish *makwkwos (maqqos), from Common Celtic *makw- (maq-). Compare Welsh “mab” (son, boy) and the Gaulish “Maponos” (The Divine Youth; Welsh “Mabon”). The earliest surviving written form of the Irish word is the genitive form MAQQI (of-son), which is common in Ogam inscriptions. The ultimate source of this word is the Indo-European *maghu- (young person, of either sex). Another Irish descendant of this root is “mogh” (slave, bondman). An English cognate which reaches back to the non-gender-specific IE root is “maid”.

Scottish Gaelic: mac

2008-06-19 CPD