Focal an Lae #74
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: iarann (EE-uh-ruhn)

Meaning: iarann = iron


History: Old Irish “iarn” comes from Common Celtic *īsarno- (strong or holy metal). Compare Gaulish “isarno-”, Welsh “haearn” and Breton “houarn”. The Common Celtic word comes from the reconstructed Indo-European word *is(ə)ro- (powerful, holy), based on *eis-, a root denoting passion. English cognates include “iron”, from a Germanic word that may have been borrowed from Celtic, and “ire” from Latin.

Scottish Gaelic: iarann

NOTE: Henceforth in the History section, the IPA symbol ‘ə’ will be used to indicate schwa, the neutral vowel.

2008-06-19 CPD