Focal an Lae #107
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: rath (RAH) [rah]

Meaning: rath = prosperity; success


History: Old Irish “rath” (granting, grace, gift, success) is the verbal noun of “ernaid” (grants, bestows). Both “rath” and Welsh “rhad” (grace, blessing) derive from Common Celtic *ratom (thing given, granted), which in turn comes -- with typical Celtic loss of “p” -- from Indo-European *pra-to- (granted), from the root *per- (to sell, hand over, grant). Cognates in English include “price”, “precious” and “porno” (<- Greek “pernanai”, to sell).

Pronunciation note: “th” is pronounced “h” in Modern Irish, but in Old Irish it was pronounced like the “th” in “thing”.

Scottish Gaelic: rath

2008-06-19 CPD