Focal an Lae #142
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: gáire (GAW-ih-ruh) [gaːr′ə]

Meaning: gáire = laughter


History: Old Irish “gáire” and “gairid” (calls), Welsh “gair” (word) and Welsh and Breton “garm” (shout, cry) all ultimately derive from the Indo-European root *gar- (to call, cry). Closely related words in Modern Irish are “gáir” (to shout; a shout, cry), “gair” (to call) and “gairm” (a call, summons, vocation). Cognates in English include “garrulous”, from Latin “garrire” (to chatter) and “care” (= worry, grief), from Germanic *karō (lament).

Scottish Gaelic: gàire

2008-06-19 CPD