Focal an Lae #204
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: múin (MOO-ihn) [muːn′]

Meaning: múin = teach, instruct


History: Old Irish “múinid” (teaches) may be a borrowing from Latin “monere” (to remind, advise, teach) involving a phonological confusion with Latin “munire” (to defend, protect). Old Irish “múinid” only gradually replaces the earlier native word “for-cain” (literally, “singover”), which suggests a loan word coming to the fore. “Monere” comes from Indo-European *mon-eyo- (to cause to think), from the root *men- (to think). Cognates in English, from the Latin, include “admonish” and “demonstrate”.

Scottish Gaelic: muin, but rarely used; “teagaisg” is the usual word

2008-06-19 CPD