Focal an Lae #250
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: fíoch (FEE-uhkh) [fiːx]

Meaning: fíoch = feud, fury, anger


History: Old Irish “fīch” and Welsh “gŵyth” (anger, wrath) come from Common Celtic *wēko-, from Indo-European *weik- (to fight, conquer). Cognates in English include “wight” (archaic word meaning “brave”) and “victor”. The earliest attested form of this word in Irish is in the Ogam inscription VEQREQ, which in Old Irish becomes “Fíchrach”, the genitive of “Fíchraí” (= Energetic or Hostile King). The Gaulish cognate of this name is “Vēcorīx”. The modern form of this fairly common name is “Fiachra”.

2008-06-19 CPD