Focal an Lae #251
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: dall (DAWL) [daːl]

Meaning: dall = blind; blind person; to blind


History: Old Irish “dall”, Welsh “dall” and Breton “dall” come from Indo-European *dhwel-, the extended zero grade of *dheu- (to rise in a cloud, as dust, smoke; dim the senses). English “dull” is a cognate. The earliest attestation of this word is in the Ogam inscription DALAGNIMAQI DALI (= of Dallán son of Dall = [the stone] of Little-Blind-One son of Blind-One). Dallán was the name of several famous poets, including Dallán Forgaill who composed a lament for Colm Cille. Blind poets and musicians were not uncommon in Gaelic society.

Scottish Gaelic: dall

2008-06-19 CPD