Focal an Lae #265
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: coire (KWEH-ruh) [cer′ə]

Meaning: coire = cauldron


Celtic mythology and folklore are rife with powerful cauldrons. Some, like the Dagda's, were inexhaustibly filled with food. Others could revive the dead, and others unerringly gave each man the cut of meat that suited his rank. Some had the power to distinguish the innocent from the guilty, and still others symbolized the gift of poetry.

History: Old Irish “coire” and Welsh “pair” (cauldron) come from Common Celtic *kwaryos, from Indo-European *kwr-yos, from the root *kwer- (something shaped like a shell or dish). The word “corrie” (a hollow or cirque in a mountainside) has come into English from Scottish Gaelic “coire”.

Scottish Gaelic: coire

2008-06-19 CPD