Focal an Lae #288
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: athbhliain (AH-vlee-ihn) [av′l′iːən′]

Meaning: athbhliain = new year


History: Classical Irish “aithbhliadhain” is a compound of the prefix “ath-” which means “re-, again, back, return” and “bliadhain” (year). Old Irish “ath” comes from Common Celtic *ate, from Indo-European *eti (above, beyond). Latin “et” (and) comes from this root. Old Irish “blíadain”, Welsh “blwyddyn” and Breton “bloaz” all come from Insular Celtic *blēdanī, from Common Celtic *bleidnī- (year).

Scottish Gaelic: athbhliadhna (next year). “A’ Bhliadhn’ Ùr” is used for The New Year.

2008-06-19 CPD