Focal an Lae #292
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: figh, fí (FIH, FEE) [f′i, f′iː]

Meaning: figh = weave, fí = weaving


History: Old Irish “figid” (weaves), Welsh “gweu, gwau” (weave) and Breton “gwia” come from the Indo-European root *weg- (to weave). The reflex of IE initial “w” is regularly “f” in Irish and “gw” in Welsh, as shown by these examples from previous “Focals”:

*wiro- (man)feargŵr
*windo- (bright)fionngwyn
*wēro- (true)fíorgwir

English “veil”, from Latin “velum” (sail, curtain, veil) is a distant cognate of “figh”.

Scottish Gaelic: figh, fighe

2008-06-19 CPD