Focal an Lae #314
The Word of the Day in Irish

Word: glas (GLAHS) [glas]

Meaning: glas = green, grey; inexperienced


History: Old Irish “glas”, Welsh “glas” (blue, green, grey), Breton “glaz” (blue, green (of plants)) and Gaulish “glastum” (woad) come from the Indo-European root *ghel- (to shine, with many derivations referring to colours). English cognates include “glitter” and “gleam”. Irish “geal” (bright, clear, white) is also cognate. The earliest attestations of “glas” in Irish are in the Ogam inscriptions GLASICONAS (= “of a greyhound”) and INEQAGLAS (= “grey face”).

Scottish Gaelic: glas

2008-06-19 CPD