User options for Focal an Lae

By default, “Today's Word” cycles from #1 on 1 January each year to #365 on 31 December (the 29th of February in leap years always being treated as identical to the 28th). And the default changeover time is 6am Universal Time (GMT), a compromise which should suit both Western Europe and North America fairly well.

However, you can specify your own start date in the URL so as to start your cycle today if you prefer; and also your own start time to ensure that the word changes overnight in your timezone. The idea is that you can then bookmark or link to this URL and check it each day to get a new word, or maybe even get WatchThatPage to send you a reminder each day when the word changes.

The permitted syntax for this is illustrated by the following examples. You can edit them to suit yourself, but make sure that you specify a recognized timezone abbreviation.

2008-07-01 CPD