Elementary Course of Gaelic

A Junior Gaelic Grammar
by Duncan Reid

Rearranged and enlarged by
Norman MacLeod, M.A.
(Gaelic master, the Glasgow High School)
Published by An Comunn Gaidhealach
Fourth Edition 1931 (first edition 1913)

  1. Letters
  2. Vowel sounds
  3. Consonant sounds
  4. The order of words in a sentence
  5. The article
  6. The article: Nouns with the article
  7. The article: Nouns with initial B, P, F, M
  8. The article: Nouns with initial C or G
  9. The article: Nouns with initial vowel
  10. The article: Nouns with initial S
  11. The article: Nouns in S followed by L, N, R or a vowel S
  12. General summary of the article forms
  13. Rule for spelling; Aspiration
  14. Personal pronouns
  15. Possessive pronouns
  16. To denote possession
  17. The verb bi
  18. The verb
  19. The adjective
  20. The forms of the verb


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These are just the first few lessons. The book contains 50 lessons and 208 pages altogether.

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