An bhfuil an ceart ag David Trimble?

On 27 June 1994, David Trimble said in the House of Commons:

Those who have studied the area know that there are three different forms of Gaelic spoken on the island of Ireland. The schools and others who are promoting the so-called Irish language in Northern Ireland today, under the aegis of the Minister, are not promoting Ulster Gaelic. One wonders why that is so. Most people who are involved in its promotion are perhaps not aware of the distinction between Ulster Gaelic and the Gaelic spoken in the centre of Ireland. Ulster Gaelic is on the borderline between Scots Gaelic and that spoken a bit further south.

An bhfuil an ceart ag David Trimble?

Más Ultach thú féin, an é Gaedhilg Uladh a labhrann tú agus a scríobhann tú?

Cuideochaidh an ceistiúchán il-roghnach seo leat freagra na ceiste sin a dheánamh amach duit féin!

Is David Trimble correct? This Multiple-Choice Quiz will help you check whether the Gaelic you've been taught to speak and write is Ulster Gaelic or not.

Ciarán Ó Duibhín
Úraithe 2003/10/29
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