Surnames of East Ulster

This data is taken from William Neilson, "An introduction to the Irish language" (1808), mainly from the section on Proper Names at pp 102–3. However it must be admitted that Neilson's selection of examples is determined as much by grammar as by onomastics.

Forms without a preceding forename have the second column blank.  Forms preceded by a female forename are given in red.  Forms where the surname is preceded by something other than a forename are in blue.

Carolan Toirdhealbhach   o Cearbhullain
Fitzpatrick do chloinn   mhic Giolla Phàdruic
Johnson Seamus   Mhac Seain
Johnson Caitrin   Nic Seain
Kelly do shiol   Gceallaigh
McArtan do chlann   Artan
McEoin do chloinn   mhic Eoin
Neilson Uilliam   mhac Neill
O'Hara Conchubhar   o Hara
O'Hara Eibhlin   ni Ara
O'Hara cloinn Dhomhnaill   ui Ara
O'Neill Patruic   O'Neill
O'Neill Maible   Ni Neill
O'Neill do/de chlann   O'Neill
Ward Brian   mhac a Bhaird
Ward Eilin   nic a Bhaird

Note that Mac is always weakened after a male forename.

After clann, we may notice that only McArtan has the plain form without MacClann Mhic is found with McEoin and Fitzpatrick .

Traditionally, muinntir rather than clann should be used before Ó-names, but it is not found here. Of the two cases in this table, one uses Clann Ó (O'Neill), and one uses Síol (Kelly). The latter omits Ó/Uí.

Ciarán Ó Duibhín
Úraithe 2012/06/18
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