` Save and rescue

Save and rescue

"Save" has several uses in computing, but the only "sábháil" is offered in FR (FR 310). "Sábháil" means to rescue someone or something from danger, and is not a blanket equivalent for the English "save", which has such varied uses as "saving a drowning man", "saving money", "saving you a journey", "saving the rain forest".

The principal use in computing is "to save a file", that is, to copy the information from a volatile medium (such as memory) to a stable one (such as disk).  This activity could be described as "sábháil", but to me it is more a case of "cur i dtaisce" — putting in a safe place.

The next computing use which comes to mind is the "screen saver".  This is not an emergency rescue operation either, but a prudent preventive measure, and the obvious term is "spárálaí scáileáin".  This term has thankfully since been adopted in FR (FR 311); "screen saver" was not present in TR.

Is there anything left for "sábháil" — are there any rescues to be performed in computing? One which suggests itself is "diosc sábhála" for "rescue disk" (no official term found, but there is "tarrtháil" for "rescue" at FR 306).

Ciarán Ó Duibhín
Úraithe 2006/06/14
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