Kentel 2 - Demat!

Version 1.1 (07-04-95) A. Cedelle

2.1 Diviz / Conversation

Demat deoc'h, itron Penneg Demat deoc'h, aotrou Skouarneg Mont a ra mat ganeoc'h? Ya, mont a ra mat ganin. Ha ganeoc'h ? Mat a-walc'h

2.2 Geriou / Vocabulary

Demat good day deoc'h to you (polite plural) itron madam Aotrou mister mont a ra : It goes (it does go) mont a ra mat : It goes well. In the interrogative form: "Does it go well?" ya yes ganin with me ganeoc'h with you gant with Ha , hag and mat good/well a-walc'h enough

2.3 Distagadur / Pronunciation

MAT : the a is long [ma:t] The spelling of the final 't' turns to a 'd' before a vowel: [ma:d-a-walc'h]. The rule is the same for 'mont' [mond-a-ra], although common usage also tends to remove the 'd' : [mon-a-ra] The stress is in the second last syllable for the word Aotrou, but it is on the last syllable for demat, itron, a-walc'h, ganin, ganeoc'h...

2.4 Yezhadur / Grammar

mont a ra mat ganeoc'h The verb "mont" (to go) is used here, with the auxiliary verb 'ober' (to do). The subject indication is included in the auxiliary form (ra). It's a common Breton form, the conjugation of the present tense is: mont a ran I go ( = go i do ) mont a reomp we go mont a rez you go mont a rit you go mont a ra he/she/it goes mont a reont they go mont a reer one goes In Breton, the sentence emphasizes the first word. Here, the verb is more important than the subject. There exist other forms where the subject is used in first position. The same sentence is used for interrogative form: Mont a ra mat ? - mont a ra mat ! Ganeoc'h is built with the conjugation of the preposition Gant (with): ganin with me ganimp or ganeomp with us ganit with you ganeoc'h with you gantan with him ganto or gante with them ganti with her The same thing happens with the preposition Da (to) din (to me) dit (to you) dezhan (to him) dezhi (to her) deoc'ch (to you, plural/polite)

2.5 Poelladenno├╣ / Exercises

a- From the example of the preposition Gant, provide the forms for: "to us" and "to them" b- Using the verb 'komz' (to speak), conjugate the expression: komz a ran brezhoneg (I speak breton) c- Put the words in the correct order: SOAZ : mat ra Anna a ganit mont ? ANNA : ganin ra ya, mat a mont Here are the solutions.

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