This is the breton SELL'TA ! magazine. There has been to issues before the end of 96, and also special issues (Amoko II, cartoons, conferences)

It is a breton speaking video. A bilingual, french, booklet is joined.

The tape format is VHS-secam

List of contents :

Vol. 1

Ar Rouanez du (bro skos) Animation
Ur Wenanenn, ul lapous Animation
Barzhaz Breizh ar yaouankiz Theatre with school children : An alarc'h
Dous ha lipous Cooking recipe
Enez hir The big demonstration of Nov. 95
Boulou pok e gwirliskin Traditional competition
Cow boy music eus Connemara Music from Ireland
Ar plac'h iferniet A clip from Eric Marchand

Vol. 2 : NEVEZ

The shut off lighthouse Scottish animation
Tro Bro Leon Cycling in bro Leon
Peskig Arc'hant A clip for everybody
Dous ha lipous The recipe for the breton far
Gleb-teil Trekking in the menez Are 96
Kasoni Fiction
On the island The life on Aran islands
Gwerz paotr plougastell An other musical clip

Magazin SELL'TA!
60 mn, 130 FF + mail fees , CEE : 20 FF = 150 FF
other : 25 FF = 155 FF

Magazin 1+2+3 SELL'TA!
3x60 mn, 300 FF + mail fees , CEE : 50 FF = 350 FF
other : 70 FF = 370 FF


18 Ru Duguay Trouin
29200 BREST
Pgz/tel +33 (0) 298 802 671

1997-01-24 A.C.